Corporate philosophy

“Sustainable long-term development” is a crucial criterion we consider for pursuing to become the pioneer and leader in the food industry in Vietnam. Therefore, we believe in three eternal values which will ensure the corporation’s success:


To customers: We always build up the corporate culture based on the “Customer-centred” guideline, which means serving customers with the most devoted spirit. Every activity of Namam group and its staff aims at the ultimate goal of satisfying customers’ needs and demands and regards customers’ success as our happiness.

To partners and suppliers: NamAn Group considers prestige as a guiding principle in business cooperation. With any partners or suppliers, whether foreign corporation or small domestic households, we are completely DEDICATED to their benefits in cooperation.

To colleagues: All our employees are always DEFERENTIAL to fellow colleagues, willing to helping each other to improve Attitude – Knowledge – Skills.

To community: Understanding the food industry’s importance in human’s health, NamAn Group particularly focuses on providing product and service with high reputation, superior quality, and absolute food safety guarantee.

Partners and customers

With a wise business philosophy, NamAn Group has been becoming partner with world-leading brands in the Food and Beverage industry. We appreciate the DEDICATION to partners and suppliers, and willing to apply WIN-WIN principle in cooperation for the goal of enhancing organization’s competitiveness and core abilities.

Thousands of manufacturing businesses and agencies in Vietnam are currently our customers, we always put the DEVOTION first in cooperation with any potential partners.